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The CEO’s Surrogate Wife

Chapter 9 I can die for him

Chapter 9 I can die for him

"Sister Bess's manner is too bad and she curses others. Obviously, this beautiful sister is unwilling to talk to such a person." Andre said calmly, but what he said made Bess had the impulse to blow him up.

Saying that she is lowbrow was enough, he even called her sister Bess while called Miya this beautiful sister. Where did the woman more beautiful than her? But the fact is that Miya is really more beautiful than her.

Miya's eyes flashed a trace of surprise. It was unexpected that a child could guess what she meant. How clever! She looked at the boy and breathed in a cold air.

What a delicate boy, but...why is he so similar to her Ben?

"Andre, don't interrupt when adults talk something." Augus was obviously angry. Bess is Bella’s diamond; how could she be insulted by this naive boy?

Andre looked at Miya quietly. From the first sight of him, he fell in love with this woman whose eyesight was gentle and somehow emitting a sense of mother’s love.

Alex obviously felt unexpected for his son’s talk. In his impression, his son was seldom talk with others, and no unnecessary words when he talked with him. But he said a lot for this unknown woman today.

His beautiful brows frown for a while and restored to indifferent soon.

“Beautiful sister, it seems that you are unwelcome here!” Andre said, glancing at Bella and Bess, with a cold smile on his lips, which was exactly the same as Alex.copy right hot novel pub