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The CEO’s Surrogate Wife

Chapter 10 Bargaining

Chapter 10 Bargaining

After leaving the villa, Alex's expression suddenly turned cold, just like another person compared with the gentleness a few seconds ago.

Miya was obviously stunned by Alex's instantaneous change of expression. Is there any other face changing so fast in the world?

"Alex, my bonus..."

"Get it from the accountant when you get to the company." He said coldly. There seemed to be a little impatience in his tone. Could the woman not talk for money all the time?

Miya didn't care about Alex's impatience. She cared about how much money she would get. According to what he said, she pass the examination today? She also clearly remembered that he had stretched out two fingers for her at that time, which meant two thousand dollars. Three thousand plus two thousand equals to five thousand, and her clothes would cost ten thousand at least if sold.

She really made a lot of money today. After she saved enough money, she would go to see her father in prison. Even though she said she wanted to break up with him, he was her father who raised her for eighteen years. No matter how much it will cost, she will redeem him.

"Mr. president, what's the overtime fee today?" Miya suddenly asked, calculating how much she could earn today, and she would certainly go again when she met such a thing like today. She wouldn’t complain about getting too much money.

Alex suddenly stepped on the brake pedal. The woman was still asking for money. Didn't she find his displeasure?

“How much do you want?” Alex got close to Miya, and the cold air of his body surrounded Miya. Even his face was as cool as ice.

Miya shrank her neck unconsciously and stared at the perfect man close by. He was asking her how much she wanted. Could he give her as much as she wants?

"Fifty thousand!" Miya suddenly stretched out her small hand and shook in front of Alex.copy right hot novel pub