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The CEO’s Surrogate Wife

Chapter 8: Shielding

Chapter 8: Shielding

Alex even called his son after he saw the slight frown behind the small figure.

In the dining room, there were three persons, Augus and Bella, Alex's father and mother respectively. Next to him is Bess of Bella Group, which his mother introduced to him.

Seeing Alex came in, Bess wanted to cuddle him, and suddenly found another woman behind Alex. Her face turned cold obviously.

Miya looked at the situation in front of her. Her suddenly felt nervous. She knew that his family had made him a blind date, and he took her as a shield. How could she always feel like a third party who had robbed people of their happiness when she looked at Bess?

"Alex, who is she?" Bess's shrill voice was full of discontent. Soon her father would come again. They wanted to make an engagement date today.

Alex glanced at Bess, reached out and held Miya's small hand. His eyes were full of affection.

Miya looked at Alex in a daze. Could this girl not pretend to be so real? She will fall into his trick.

"I'm not going to get married for group cooperation. She's the woman I love." Speaking of the word "love", he intentionally accentuated his tone, which seemed to remind Bess and Miya.

The two women were shocked at the same time.

Bella's face changed slightly, and there was a slight chill in her eyes. This marriage must be made. This is not only good for the Bella’s family, but also quite good for Alex’s. How can she allow a little woman destroy this good thing?

"Come and sit down!" Augus spoked coldly, and his voice was not angry but powerful.copy right hot novel pub