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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 744 He Was a Ruthless Man

When he was absent-minded, Rosie ran up to him and called, "Dad."

Rosie had already climbed onto the chair opposite his desk by herself, from where she finally climbed onto his desk.

Normally, when worked from home, Leonardo would let Rosie sit on the desk. As she was too small, he could only be relieved when she was within his sight.

Summer strode over and paused for a moment before saying, "Rosie misses you, so I send her here. By the way, I need to have a talk with you."

Have a talk?

Probably, sending Rosie back was just an excuse for having this talk.

Leonardo only gave her a faint glance and then called the servant to bring Rosie back to her room.

After Rosie left, they sat face to face.

For some reason, no one spoke first.

Summer looked down at the desk, while Leonardo lowered his head and casually flipped through the documents in his hand.

After a while, Leonardo said, "Don't you have something to talk about? If not, I still have work to do."

Leonardo said in a cold and indifferent voice, in which Summer can feel no emotion other than a trace of boredom.

Summer pursed her lips tightly and took a deep breath before speaking, "When are you going to marry Amber?"

Leonardo paused and finally looked up at Summer. "What? Do you want to come to the wedding?"

Hearing this, Summer involuntarily clenched her hands, but she still kept a calm expression. She even smiled. "Why won't I come if you invite me?"

Leonardo didn't expect her words. He stared at Summer and said nothing.

"If you have decided to marry Amber and to keep Rosie's custody, I will sue you." After saying those last four words, Summer tensed up, sitting with her back straight. She was nervously waiting for Leonardo's reply.

What would Leonardo say? Would it still be the same as before?

They had lived together for so long, so Leonardo knew Summer’s habits very well.

He retracted his hands from the desk and placed them on his legs. He also clenched his hands tightly under the desk where Summer could not see.

Then, he said slowly, "Amber and I love each other. Of course we should get married. As for Rosie's custody..."

At this point, he paused and sneered. "She is my daughter. Of course, I want the custody."

"Don't you know that Amber doesn't like Rosie? If you really like Amber, think about it for her.copy right hot novel pub