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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 745 Everything Would Be In Vain

It was late at night.

Leonardo stayed in the study since Summer left.

He didn't leave the room, nor did he read the files.

Summer was very determined. He believed that she could find a way to win the case. Even if she couldn't find it by herself, he would help her.

There came a buzz.

His cell phone vibrated again, another call after a hundred ones.

Leonardo picked up the phone - it was Carl. He answered the call, frowning.

"What's going on? Why didn't you answer my calls? I don't know where you are, and I can't get through your phone. What are you doing?"

Carl started to complain once he was on the line.

However, he finished complaining in Leonardo's silence and sounded a little guiltily when he spoke again, "Anyway, I'm calling you for some real business."

"I'm listening," said Leonardo calmly, without the slightest trace of anger.

Carl was shocked at Leonardo's calm response.

He was right about Leonardo getting weirder.

Carl pondered for a moment and said, "Warren told me that you want to fight Summer for Rosie's custody, don't you?"

Leonardo didn't respond. He knew Carl called to talk about something more important. So he let Carl finish his sentence.

"Do you know who represents Summer?" Carl paused for a moment, waiting for Leonardo to ask him in return.

However, Leonardo remained silent. Carl had to give the answer himself, "Trevin Wolf, the son of Lester Wolf!"

"Who? Trevin Wolf?" Leonardo finally showed a little surprised. He had investigated Lester Wolf, so he certainly knew the Lester had a biological son named Trevin.

"Yes! Trevin and Warren were alumni when they were in Country M. They knew each other. We went to the Golden Cauldron Club for dinner tonight and saw Summer and Rosie having dinner with Trevin!" Carl deliberately told the story in detail.

There was coldness in Leonardo's tone, "Really?"

Carl could tell the slight change in his tone, but that proved nothing.

"Fine. I've been busy lately. When will you get married? I'm not coming to your wedding with that Amber Thompson!" said Carl loudly, sounded somewhat frustrated.

Leonardo was indifferent, "Good news for Tim. Fewer invitation letter to prepare."

Carl was speechless for a while, "Have you forgotten how that woman deceived you together with your sister? Are you mad?"

Leonardo hung up on him.

"Hello?" tried Carl, realizing then that Leonardo indeed hung up on him.copy right hot novel pub