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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 743 Prosecution

During dinner time, there were a lot of people in the Golden Cauldron Club.

Summer was looking for a private room, but there was none available.

She could ask Carl to arrange a room for her, but there was no need, and it would be too much trouble. All tables by the window were taken. So, they could only sit in the hall. Apart from the noise, everything else was fine here.

After Rosie sat down, she looked around.

Summer asked her, "What are you looking for?"

"Uncle Carl." Rosie looked around for a while and did not see him. So, she gave up.

Summer had also searched for Carl when she came in and she did not see him. She guessed that he was probably not here.

Trevin had been playing with Rosie after ordering.

When the meal was almost over, Summer saw Carl and Warren coming out of a private room.

They turned around and saw Summer. They exchanged glances and walked towards Summer.

Rosie's sharp eyes saw Carl and she greeted him happily, "Uncle Carl!"

"Hey!" Carl replied, waving at her, and then he ran over to Rosie, "Rosie, you come for dinner with your mother?"

"Yes." Rosie gave a nod, "I didn't see you just now."

"I was eating in my room just now. Why didn't you let your mom call me?" Carl pinched her nose and then looked at Summer, "Do you hear me? Summer, call me next time when Rosie wanted to see me."

Summer replied with a smile and nodded politely at Warren.

Warren gazed at Trevin.

Carl saw Trevin when he came over. However, Rosie was calling him, so he didn’t say hi to Trevin.

When Summer saw that they were both looking at Trevin, she said, "This is my... friend, Trevin."

Summer hesitated to call Trevin her “friend”. Was Trevin really her friend?

Carl looked at Trevin with a meaningful smile, "Hello, I'm Carl."

"Hello." Trevin was quite polite.

When Warren greeted Trevin, he smiled slightly and reached out his hand to Trevin, "Long time no see, Trevin."

Warren’s words caused everyone to gaze at him.

Trevin was slightly surprised, "When I saw you just now, I thought you looked familiar. I didn't expect it to be you, Warren."

Trevin turned to Summer and explained, "Warren was a year ahead of me when I was studying in Country M.copy right hot novel pub