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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 669 You're Lying

They ran for a long distance and stopped at the snack street behind the school.

There was a public toilet on the side of the street. They went into it to take off their school uniforms, inside which were their winter jackets. They put uniforms into bags and went out.

Before coming out, Jessica looked around behind the wall. After making sure nothing was wrong, they went out.

"What a close call. We almost got caught."

Although Jessica said that, Summer didn't sense the fear in her tone.

"It was even lucky if we got caught." She walked beside Jessica slowly, and said calmly, "If we got photographed by reporters, we might be the headline tomorrow, and you will be the trending topic, like 'Break news, Jessica is a transvestite' or 'Jessica sneaked into a school in the middle of the night'".

Jessica made a bitter smile, "Stop it. I am not a pervert."

"Well, the media doesn't care if you're a pervert or not. Anyway, all they want is getting hits."

"Come on. We didn't get photographed. I am so hungry. I'm gonna get something to eat."

"Next time..."

"Alright, alright. I know."

Getting tired of her lecturing, Jessica interrupted her and ran forward with her.

Because students were on their winter holiday and the New Year was around the corner, many shops were closed, only a few of them were still open.

They randomly went into a restaurant to find something to eat. The school did not change much, while the snack street changed a lot.

When they studied here before, they had tasted all kinds of snacks there. The owner of the restaurant was a middle-aged man, who seemed to be taciturn. He came over with the menu and asked, "Ready to order? Here is the menu."

Just as Summer took the menu, he suddenly lowered his head and whispered, "Just the two of you?"

Hearing this, Jessica became vigilant. He kept whispering, "There was a car following behind you just now. I thought they were with you, but if not, you'd better call some friend to pick you up or just call the police.copy right hot novel pub