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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 670 It's Nothing

Summer took a few steps forward and felt that something was wrong. Some noises came from behind her. She turned around and saw that Leonardo was following her.

She stopped and waited for Leonardo to get closer before saying, "You are not going to tell me that you want to have a meal in this restaurant, aren't you?"

Summer pointed at the restaurant that she was in with Jessica. Leonardo passed Summer and walked into the restaurant, seeming unconcerned about her.

Summer looked at Leonardo's back and froze where she was standing. She couldn't believe that Leonardo would walk into the restaurant.

If it wasn't for what happened, she would have thought that he did it on purpose. He had done things like this anyway.

Jessica didn't know that Summer went out of the restaurant. Seeing that she hadn't come back for a long time, she wanted to give Summer a call.

At this moment, she heard someone pushing open the door behind her. It was cold in winter, so the doors were closed.

Jessica turned around curiously. When she saw Leonardo, she widened her eyes and asked, "Mr. Emerson?"

Leonardo glanced at her and said, "Having a meal?"

"Yeah." Jessica was in a daze. Seeing Leonardo frowning, she hurriedly added, "I am."

At this time, Summer also walked in.

When Jessica saw Summer coming from outside, she was dumbfounded.

"Summer, you... Aren't you..?" Jessica pointed at Summer and the restroom. For a moment, she found herself tongue tied.

Summer walked straight to the seat opposite to Jessica and ignored Leonardo. She asked, "Why the dishes haven't been served yet? I'm so hungry."

Right at this moment, the owner of the restaurant came out with the dishes.

"Here are the dishes," he voiced.

"Thank you." After Summer said that, she lowered her head and began to eat.

"Hope you enjoy your meal." He didn't notice Leonardo until he finished serving the food.

What a day! He first met two women who looked like rich people. Now, another man who looked like a big boss came! The guests of his restaurant were usually students or residents nearby.copy right hot novel pub