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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 668 Avoiding the Point

They kidded around for a while and then packed their things up.

After wearing high school uniforms, they were about to go out. At this time, Bruce, who lived opposite, opened the door. He looked them up and down like a robot.

Then, he took out his phone and called someone. Soon, Summer's phone rang.

Taking out her phone, she showed it to Bruce, embarrassed.

Bruce was so shocked that he couldn't believe she was Summer, so he called her.

Summer was extremely embarrassed. Just now, she was having fun with Jessica, but she didn't expect she would run into him in the uniform.

It was awkward.

Bruce soon calmed down, and put his phone back. He asked, "Are you going out?"

"Yes, I'm heading out with my friend." Summer nodded and replied.

Jessica, who was standing beside her, poked Summer's shoulders and whispered, "Who is he? Why do you tell him where you are going?"

As soon as she finished her sentence, she heard Bruce say, "Hello, Miss Jessica, I am Ms. Summer's bodyguard, Bruce."

Hearing this, Jessica opened her eyes wide in surprise. He could hear her whisper? Jesus Christ.

Summer patted Jessica's hand and said to Bruce, "We're going out. You don't have to come."

Bruce nodded and went back to his room. Given what they were wearing, he didn't want to go out with them either.

After he left, Jessica asked Summer, "What happened? Why did you need a bodyguard?"

"Well, protecting me from Logan." Summer tried to avoid the point.

"Oh, right. He is vindictive and dangerous. You'd better take care."

After all, Summer was standing right here in front of her, so Jessica naturally believed what she said.

"But, that bodyguard looks quite terrifying. He doesn't look like a bodyguard at all."

"Yeah, he is a little complicated, but can be trusted."

"OK." Jessica usually brought her bodyguards with her when she went out.

After all, she was an actress with so many fans. What if some of them were so crazy about her that...copy right hot novel pub