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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 560 Other Accomplices

Summer's tone was soft, but Vicky founded it harsh.

In the past three years, Vicky led a painful life.

She did not have the chance to see Adams for the last time, nor were the people around her on friendly terms with Adams.

When she missed Adams, she could talk to no one about Adams.

She was tormented by all sorts of emotions, such as lovesickness, regret. Revenge was the only faith that supported her to live.

She finally found an opportunity to catch Summer, but she didn't want to kill Summer directly. She hated Summer too much, so she wouldn't let Summer die easily.

Vicky looked at Summer with a gloomy gaze and shrieked, "Shut up! Shut up, Summer!"

"Well." Summer stopped talking as she was told.

Vicky stared at Summer. Her eyes were like sharp swords, as if she was going to stab Summer to death in the next second. However, she suppressed her anger and only said, "You will beg me."

After she finished, she led a group of people out. A big sound was heard. The door was closed, and Summer was the only one left in the room.

Summer felt the pain coming from her forehead.

Hand against her forehead, Summer struggle to stand on her feet.

There was no towel in the room. She picked up a piece of glass from the ground and cut a piece of cloth from a sheet before pressing it against the wound.

Fortunately, the wound on her forehead was not serious. Only the top layer of skin was injured. As long as she pressed down on the wound, the blood would coagulate.

When she sat on the ground, she was bleeding and weak. Now that she had lost a lot of blood, she felt much better.

At the airport, Summer's phone was scrapped by Vicky it in the drink. Nothing in the room could tell Summer the time.

Summer could only tell from the pitch-black scene outside the window that it was night.

Since it was the night in Country M, it was daytime in H Country.

She sent a text message to Leonard at the airport, but she missed his call. He should have been suspicious and he might have left for Country M.

However, Summer was in Country M rather than in Hoover City.copy right hot novel pub