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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 561 Can You Stand Up?

Vicky couldn't bear that. She grew up believing that Karen and Summer were just her servants whom she could boss around as she wanted. Even now, she still thought so.

In Vicky's view, Summer should grovel to her and wait on her without complaint.

However, Summer, who was supposed to serve her without a murmur, actually killed Adams!

Just when Vicky could finally be with Adams, he was killed by Summer and Leonardo!

Vicky bit her lips, stood up and walked to Summer. Then she raised her hand and slapped Summer hard across the face, "Summer, these two days are my happiest days in the past three years. Do you know why?"

She slapped Summer with much force, so Summer's face went numb. Summer took a deep breath and dropped her jaw. After a while, feelings came back to her face.

She stared at Vicky's ferocious face and sneered, "Why are you so happy? Anyway, Adams will never come back to life."

She said that just to irritate Vicky. Sure enough, Vicky was easily enraged by those remarks. She reached out and grabbed Summer's clothes, "Summer, don't think that you can rest in peace though you live a comfortable life now. And don't pretend to be calm, because you will lose your coolness very soon."

Summer raised her eyebrows and said with a disapprovingly look, "Oh?"

It wasn't that she didn't care about what Vicky said. In fact, she was eager to know what Vicky wanted to do. Thus, she tried to rile Vicky up, and then Vicky would be really mad and let slip her secret.

However, Vicky was exceptionally tolerant this time. Summer had been angering her since yesterday, but Vicky said nothing.

Summer felt confused and a little uneasy. She suspected that Vicky might really have an ace up her sleeve.

Vicky sneered and walked back to the dining table. She casually threw a piece of bread in front of Summer and said with lofty distain, "You must be hungry, right? Take it."

Summer was indeed a little hungry, but she wouldn't eat food dropped on the ground.

"You still have your pride? Good!" Vicky's face clouded over.

What she hated the most was Summer's calm face, as if Summer was invulnerable. Vicky hated to see that.

But then she thought it didn't matter, for she could completely crush Summer and cause her to freak out soon.

Summer sat on the ground silently. Vicky stopped talking to her and began to have her meal.

While sitting on the ground miserably, Summer was secretly watching Vicky.

Vicky looked thinner than when Summer last saw her, and she ate very little now.copy right hot novel pub