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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 559 Give You A Less Painful Death

Although Summer could not move, she could speak.

"Is there anyone? Vicky!" She shouted at the door.

Not long after, the door was pushed open. A bodyguard pushed the door open and looked at her.

When Summer saw someone enter, she said, "Where is Vicky? I want to see her."

"Wait!" After it, the bodyguard left.

The door was slammed shut. The room returned to total silence.

Summer struggled on the bed for a while and found herself still unable to move.

The door was pushed open again from the outside.

Summer suddenly turned to look at the door and discovered that the person who entered was Vicky.

Vicky was followed by a bodyguard and her assistant.

She walked in and sat down on the sofa not far from the bed. Crossing her legs, she looked at Summer coldly, "You're looking for me? I'm here. Why are you still lying on the bed?"

Vicky knew that her subordinates had drugged Summer, so she said this on purpose to embarrass Summer.

Summer knew this very well, so she couldn't be bothered to argue with Vicky on this matter.

Summer stared at Vicky and calmly said, "What do you want from me? Do you plan to kill me to avenge Adams' death?"

Vicky seemed to be enraged by Summer's calm expression. She glared at Summer. "To kill you? You know your situation very well. Of course, I want to kill you! But I don't just want to kill you!"

After she finished, she laughed weirdly, and her eyes flashed with joy.

Summer frowned slightly, and a strange feeling was aroused.

Vicky wished Summer could die. Summer would definitely suffer since she had fallen into Vicky's hands. Besides her, Vicky hated Leonard as well.

Would Vicky use her to lure Leonard here?

That Vicky would do so was what Summer could expect.

How smart Leonard was! Vicky would not dare to have such an idea if she was not stupid.

If Vicky used Summer to threaten Leonard, she might fall into Leonard's trap.

"You want to kill Leonard as well." Summer said calmly and then sneered. Her tone was heavy with ridicule. "Do you think you can defeat Leonard? You overestimate yourself."

Vicky's eyes suddenly turned exceptionally cold.copy right hot novel pub