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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 545 Connel Bates

Summer did not stay at Stanley's house for long before leaving.

Before leaving, she went to his study again but found no useful clues.

She had been busy all morning. It was nearly noon when she got home

Although Leonardo had said that he would not come back for lunch, Summer still cooked lunch herself.

Leonardo didn't have lunch at home, but she and Rosie did.

However, when she was having lunch with Rosie, the servant's voice came from outside.

"Mr. Emerson is back!"

"Have you had lunch, Mr. Emerson?"

Hearing this, Summer looked up at the entrance of the dining hall.

Rosie was sitting beside her and said with lit-up eyes, "Daddy is back!"

Summer touched Rosie's head gently.

Although Leonardo didn't smile much and was a little tough for Rosie, Rosie still loved him very much.

Not long after, a tall figure appeared at the entrance of the dining hall. Leonardo walked over to the dining table and sat down opposite Summer.

"Daddy." Rosie called out to him happily. With her lips stained with the sauce of the honeyed chicken wings, she looked especially adorable.

Leonardo replied indifferently, "Wipe your mouth."

Rosie took out a piece of paper from the box and rubbed it on her mouth. When she saw the honey stain on the paper, she threw the napkin aside in disgust.

Seeing that she hadn't wiped it clean, Leonardo took out a tissue and slightly leaned forward, looking at her, "Come here."

Rosie propped her arms on the dining table and stretched her neck to lean forward. She pouted, letting Leonardo wipe her mouth. Leonardo carefully wiped her mouth and threw the napkin to the side.

At this moment, a servant had already served him food. When he picked up his chopsticks, he saw Summer staring at him.

An unnatural expression flashed across Leonardo's face as he said in a low voice, "I came out to talk about a partnership deal. It happened to be close to home, so I came back for lunch."

His expression had already betrayed him. Summer surely knew that he was just making up an excuse, but she did not expose him. She reached out to help him with the dishes and said, "Help yourself."

Leonardo looked down and began to eat.

When Rosie saw Summer help Leonardo with the dishes, she also picked up a piece of fried onion for Leonardo.

"Daddy, have some vegetables.copy right hot novel pub