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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 544 It was her Responsibility!

Summer would rather see him angry than see him smile like this.

He was Leonardo. He was the smart and confident Leonardo.

Ever since his mother was killed when he was eleven, he had been trying his best to find out the truth.

Leonardo was still a child then. When he was twenty-six, he had grown into an outstanding man who always put on a poker face. Everything was in his grasp.

Leonardo shouldn't have become like this because of her.

Some people were born to stand at the top of the pyramid, and Leonardo was that kind of person.

At least in Summer's eyes, Leonardo was the pick of the bunch.

Leonardo smiled and asked her in a gentler voice than ever before, "Are you disappointed in me?"

"No." After that, Summer felt that these two words were too simple. She hurriedly continued, "I am disappointed and I will never be. You are still the most outstanding man in this world."

"The most outstanding man?" Leonardo laughed and lowered his voice, "I'm not that good at all."

After that, he turned around and walked to the window.

The president's office was on the top floor. From this point of view, the cars and pedestrians below were the size of ants.

Summer was worried about him and wanted to follow.

However, Leonardo suddenly turned around, "Don't come over again."

Summer stopped and looked at him. They were more than three meters away. The distance has robbed them of any sense of intimacy.

Leonardo seemed to have calmed down, and he became as cold as usual, seemingly invulnerable.

He said slowly, "Stanley grew up abroad. The man who looks exactly like him is most likely his brother. At this time..."

Leonardo looked at his watch, "They should be on a plane going abroad."

Leonardo was meticulous. Since he could guess that the man last night was not Stanley, he could then guess the man's next move.copy right hot novel pub