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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 546 Not Helping You

Leonardo neither nodded nor shook his head at Summer's words.

Summer thought for a moment and said, "So, as long as we find Connel, we can find Stanley."

Leonardo did not say anything. Instead, he raised his wrist and glanced at his watch. Then, he stood up and said, "I'm going to the company. There are still a lot of things for me to attend to."

Just as Summer was about to nod, she thought of something and said, "Wait a moment."

Then, she took out her phone and forwarded the email on Leonardo's phone to her email address before returning it to Leonardo.

Leonardo took the phone and left with his coat.

Summer went upstairs with her phone. She took her computer and went to Leonardo's study.

She had only read half of the email.

The latter of it were some of Connel's personal experiences, including where he graduated from and where he worked.

To Summer's surprise, Connel was actually a chef in a five-star hotel, which was completely different from Stanley.

Regardless of what Connel was, he must have his purpose to take Stanley away by force.

Perhaps the two brothers had just had a conflict and wanted to solve it by themselves, but Summer wouldn't feel relieved until she saw Stanley safe and sound.

Summer put her phone aside and turned on her computer. She found the five-star hotel where Connel worked online.

She wrote down the address in her notebook.

And then she checked the flight, a little distracted.

When she didn't know what Leonardo was thinking, she would blame Leonardo for being unreasonable, but now, how could she blame him? Leonardo was willing to help her investigate Connel's case, but after all, it was her business.

Summer's gaze returned to the screen. She slid the mouse in her hand and booked a flight ticket to the city in the other side of the ocean tomorrow morning.

There was no time left. The sooner things were settled, the better.

After she booked the plane ticket, she took out her phone and called Eliza, "I'm going abroad tomorrow. Please help me get a visa."

When Eliza got her words, she got irritated. "God, don't you think too highly of me? Do you really think that I'm an enchanter that can do anything?"

Summer did not interrupt Eliza. She just waited for her to finish before slowly asking Eliza, "Will you help me?"

"You really...." Eliza couldn't do anything to her, "I will! How can I not help you?"

"Thank you." Summer knew that Eliza could pull strings, so she was the right person for this kind of things.

At this time, Eliza finally remembered, "Why are you going abroad? How is your script of Lost City 2 coming along? You should..copy right hot novel pub