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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 501 Tentative test

Stanley smiled kindly at Rosie, "Good girl."

Rosie pursed her lips and handed the lollipop to Rosie, "Mom, open it for me."

Summer took it over and tore open the wrapping for Rosie while asking Stanley, "Why are there lollipops in your office?"

"Apart from adults, my patients also include children." Stanley said. And then he put on a serious face and asked, "Why are you coming to me?"

Summer was slightly surprised. "Can't I just come and chat with you?"

"Yes, it will be great, but are you just here to chat with me?" The smile on Stanley's face did not change, but his eyes showed that he saw through everything.

Summer sighed helplessly, "I'm very ashamed of that. I did come here for some reason."

After she finished speaking, she took out the invitation letter from her bag and handed it to Stanley.

"On Friday, Leonardo will host a dinner party. We'd like you to come."

Stanley glanced at the invitation letter without changing his expression, "Did Leonardo ask you to give it to me?"

Summer looked away and she didn't say anything.

"You know Leonardo and I have always been at odds, so you wouldn't invite me to his party. It was Leonardo who asked you to give it to me."

Stanley curled his lips and smiled. His expression seemed to be somewhat ruminative. "Leonardo is funny. He clearly wished that I wouldn't meet you, but he even asked you to deliver the invitation letter in person. I don't know what he is planning."

Summer discovered that none of the men she knew were good people. She didn't know Stanley's background. Although Stanley was exceptionally smart and he did not seem to have any bad intentions towards her, Summer knew Stanley must do everything with a reason.

Similarly, Leonardo didn't do anything for no reason.

Summer frowned and pondered. She suddenly thought of something and her expression suddenly changed.

Stanley noticed the change in her expression and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Summer forced a smile, "I have to leave now. See you later."

"I'll send you home. Did you drive here?" Stanley stood up, picked up the coat on the back of the chair, and followed Summer out.

Summer said, "There's no need to send me off. I drove here."

"I'll escort you out."

Stanley did not listen to Summer, and saw them off in the car.

When he returned, the receptionist teased him with a smile, "Doctor Stanley, Ms.copy right hot novel pub