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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 500 Deliver in Person

Summer stared at Tim with a faint smile. She did not say anything, nor did she take the invitation letter over.

Tim knew Summer was clear of everything. He lowered his head and said, "You and Mr. Stanley have a good relationship. He will take it if you give it to him."

Summer raised her eyebrows and said, "Are you saying that Stanley won't come to the party if you go to invite him? He's not such a stingy person."

Although Stanley and Leonardo did not like each other, Stanley was a reasonable guy. As long as he received the invitation letter, he would come.

Tim didn't know what to do now. He used to think that it had been the hardest thing to chase after his wife, but now it seemed that it wasn't true.

The hardest thing was to deal with such an eccentric boss and his wife. Tim decided to get straight to the point. He sighed, "Actually, this is Mr. Emerson's instruction."

Summer stopped making things difficult for him. She frowned slightly and asked, "Why me?"

Leonardo was not supposed to allow her to meet Stanley. But now he was actually having her send the invitation to Stanley. What was he thinking?

"I don't know." Leonardo had told Tim to do so but didn’t tell him why. And Tim dared not to ask.

"I see." Summer took the invitation letter over and said, "I will send it over. You can go back."

Summer took Rosie into the car. Tim stood by the side and watched Summer drive away before turning around and heading back.

He took the elevator to Leonardo's office. The door to the office was not closed, and Tim walked to the door and knocked on it twice.

Leonardo raised his head to signal Tim in.

Before Leonardo asked, Tim said, "I have already given the invitation letter to Mrs.copy right hot novel pub