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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 502 He Didn't Leave at All

Summer sneered, "From your point of view, I look at another man because I have feelings for him, right?"

Leonardo's expression was even colder than hers. "At least Stanley has feelings for you."

"How many times do you want me to tell you? Stanley and I are innocent!" Summer was so angry that her voice suddenly grew louder.

"When you were still having amnesia, you lived with Stanley in the same room. A man and a woman stay alone...."

Before Summer got angry, Leonardo clenched his fists and looked like he was about to vent his anger.

Summer was astonished. She was shocked that Leonardo was angry at this matter.

However, she had explained it to Leonardo more than once, but Leonardo was still angry at it. He even tested her.

Leonardo was irritated, so was Summer. It was impossible for her to back down again and again.

Summer took a deep breath and said, trying to keep his fury under control, "Do you mind that now? You think I have an affair with Stanley. Do you have an affair with Amber? In the past three years, I had been lying on the hospital bed. However, you and Amber were a couple about to get married. In Hoover City, was there anyone who didn't know that Amber was your fiancée?"

As she spoke, her tone got colder. She once had ill feeling, but because of Leonardo's attitude, she trusted Leonardo.

When Summer visited Jessica on the set, the media dug out Leonardo's engagement with Amber and called Summer a home wrecker. She was made a trending topic.

Leonardo settled this matter, and she did not feel angry at that time. However, what Leonardo did this time angered Summer.

In the past, she didn't feel angry or thought it a big deal. Now she thought of it, she felt that it was somewhat unbearable.

If a couple wanted to keep living together, they had to work hard to keep running into each other.

However, if they wanted to sabotage their relationship, it would be too easy. Just one of them pulled out a knife, and it would be enough to destroy a relationship that they had worked so hard to maintain. This time, Leonardo was the one who pulled out a knife first.

Summer knew that Leonardo was narrow-minded. In the past, she would have given in and pleased him. However, backing down and pleasing could not be used to maintain their relationship frequently.

If this continued, backing down and pleasing might become a part of their life.copy right hot novel pub