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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 472 He Will Definitely Come

Leonardo stood there and pondered for a moment before walking back.

His subordinate realized that Leonardo was heading to another road that had been destroyed by the mudslide. He led the way, but he couldn't help but remind Leonardo, "Mr. Emerson, that road was seriously damaged and it was dangerous. When we entered the village, it was blocked off."

If that road was the first to be destroyed, then it was very likely that Summer had taken it when she entered the mountains.

She had been out of contact since yesterday. Either she was trapped on a certain part of the road, or....

When Leonardo thought of this, his expression turned gloomier, and he walked even faster.

His subordinate quickened his pace and followed behind him, barely able to keep up with him.

When Leonardo arrived at the entrance of another road that led into the mountains, he clenched his teeth with a solemn expression. The road was uneven and pitted with holes.

Nobody could go along it.

Before Leonardo could go over, he heard a loud noise. The next second, a large rock fell not far away, smashing down another piece of the edge of the road.

Without a word, Leonardo walked towards it.

His subordinate immediately pulled him back. "Mr. Emerson, don't go!"

At first, Tim was going to follow him here, but Leonardo didn't let him.

He decided to come here in such a hurry that a lot of things were left unsettled in the company, so he asked Tim to stay at the Emerson Group to watch over.

When they set out, Assistant Tim specifically instructed them to hold Leonardo back in case of an emergency.

However, how could Leonardo be easily pulled back by just anybody?

"Let me go."

Leonardo only turned around and gave him a glance, his voice cold.

His subordinate was intimidated by his gaze. He wanted to speak but didn't dare to say anymore. He wanted to stop him but didn't dare to. So, he could only let go of Leonardo and helplessly watch him walk over.

The entrance to this road was not far from the road they had just on.

Just as Leonardo left, his subordinate heard someone talking behind him.

When he turned around, he saw Carl leading a group of people over. However, they were covered in mud. He couldn't tell what they were wearing.

Leonardo's car was drowned on that road. Carl and the others were coming from the other side of the road. They definitely couldn't get in with the car. They had to abandon the car and climbed over with bare hands.copy right hot novel pub