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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 471 Two Days Ago

After asking the question, Carl did not receive any answer from Leonardo. Instead, Leonardo just hung up on him.

Carl took a look at his phone and sighed, "What a temper!"

After hanging up the phone, Leonardo dialed Summer's number.

He got through first, but after one ring, it was not in service.

Leonardo dialed several times in a row. It was the same.

He called in Tim through the internal phone.

Tim quickly came in. "Mr. Emerson, is there anything I can do for you?"

"Book a flight." After finishing speaking, he immediately raised his hand to stop Tim. "No, prepare the private plane."

With that, he stood up, picked up his coat and walked out.

Seeing his serious expression, Tim guessed that something might go very wrong. He did not ask more questions and only said respectfully, "I will go and arrange it now."

Leonardo left the company and drove straight home.

He packed a few of his necessities and came out of the room where he saw Rosie standing at the door. She asked him, "Where are you going?"

Rosie hadn't seen Summer for several days. She knew carrying the suitcase meant going out far from home.

Leonardo held the lever of the suitcase in his hand and looked down slightly at Rosie. "I'll go find your mother."

There was calmness and indifference in his voice that only adults would have.

Rosie reached out to grab the corner of his clothes and whispered, "I want to go, too."

"You can't go. It's too far." Leonardo did not get rid of her hand, only explaining in a flat voice.

"But I miss Mom. If you miss her, go to see her, I also want to see her." It was rare for Rosie to express her thoughts so clearly.

Leonardo paused, but his expression didn't change much. "I didn't say I missed her."

Hearing this, Rosie was unhappy. She turned her back to him with her arms crossed.

Right now, she didn't care if Leonardo missed Summer. She only knew Leonardo didn't take her to her mother.

Leonardo reached out and pulled her over, telling her, "Wait for us at home."

His voice was as calm as when he was in a company meeting, but when looking carefully, one could see that he didn't frown. He was patient with Rosie.

Although Rosie was reluctant, she nodded and said, "Alright.copy right hot novel pub