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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 473 Give Me a Hand

In Leonardo's embrace, Summer barely raised one hand to grab the corner of his clothes while the other hand was hanging at one side weakly.

Although Leonardo was covered in mud, Summer could not help but nuzzle in his chest.

She gradually felt relieved.

Fortunately, Leonardo didn't say anything unpleasant and neither did he push her away.

After a few seconds, Summer said, "I can walk, but I need to have a rest first."

She was stiff and needed to move about first.

Leonardo looked down at her.

And Summer looked up, wearing a smile.

The smile was gentle and he had ever seen any such smile before.

Leonardo frowned as he reached out to feel her temperature.

But he even felt the heat before he touched her forehead.

He took her temperature and then his own one. After comparing them, he calmly said, "You have a fever."

"Really?" she reached out to touch her forehead, "no wonder I feel a little hot."

She sounded fragile. Tilting her head against Leonardo's chest, she seemed not to have the slightest bit of strength.

Leonardo knitted his eyebrows.

He supported Summer with one hand and said in a deep voice, "Steady yourself."

Then, he squatted down and put Summer's hand around his neck.

Summer was so weak that she just leaned against his back. She had sounded a little unreal, "Do you want to carry me? But I seem to have gained some weight recently. I might be a little heavy...."

Leonardo ignored her talking nonsense and walked forward with her on his back.

He just took a few steps when he heard Summer ask him, "Am I heavy?"

Leonardo replied coldly, "No."

Instead, she was light.

She would be better-looking if she gained more weight.

"Oh, that's good...." Her voice gradually muted and then disappeared.

Fortunately, this part of the road was in a better condition than the one Leonardo took just now.

But it was still terribly difficult to walk on.

Leonardo struggled through the dirty and uneven country road. Robust as he was, it was tiring to walk on such a road with summer on his back.

Moreover, Summer was spouting nonsense.copy right hot novel pub