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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 382 Poke Your Nose into Everything

Leonardo leaned against the chair and said indifferently, "Don't worry about me. Just enjoy your dinner."

Rosie pointed out ruthlessly, "But you seem angry...."

She picked up a rib from her plate and brought it to her mouth while speaking.

The rib was passed to her by Summer just now.

It wasn't convenient for Rosie to hold the rib with a fork, so she simply grabbed it with her hand and nibbled until her mouth was full of oil.

Leonardo glanced at her and helped her roll up her sleeve.

Rosie handed the half-eaten rib to Leonardo and said reluctantly, "The meat is delicious."

Leonardo didn't say anything and turned his head away to show his refusal.

Rosie immediately took it back and murmured, "Ask Pretty Sister to give you one."

The word "to" was omitted by her.

Leonardo corrected her, "Auntie."

Rosie followed him, "Pretty Auntie."

Summer looked at the father and daughter and couldn't help smiling.

Although Leonardo wasn't attentive enough, he was trying his best to take care of Rosie.

Rosie was really a sweetheart who judged people by their faces. She always addressed Summer with the prefix "pretty".

When Rosie finished the rib in her hand, she looked at Summer with pure eyes while sucking her fingers. "Pretty Auntie, give one to Dad."

The atmosphere in the room became a little awkward.

Summer knew Leonardo wasn't someone who would let others help him with the dishes.

Perhaps due to the huge gap between their roles, Summer felt it strange to have dinner with Leonardo, let alone help him with the dishes.

"Your Dad will take whatever he wants to eat. You...."

Summer wanted to say something to relieve the awkwardness, but Leonardo said abruptly, "Rosie, I want a rib."

Though Leonardo was talking to Rosie, Summer felt he was indeed talking to her.

The atmosphere became even weirder.

"What?" Rosie looked at her oily hands and said helplessly, "Dirty."

Stanley said all of a sudden, "Mr. Emerson, you have a good relationship with your daughter. I'm sure you love her mother very much."

A thick haze appeared in Leonardo's eyes. He sneered. "You don't seem to have a good relationship with Ms. Summer."

Stanley's face didn't change, but he didn't intend to back down either.copy right hot novel pub