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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 383 Takeout

Leonardo took the takeout and read the bill.

He found a happy meal on the bill.

When Leonardo got the takeout, the delivery man said, "Sir, enjoy your meal." Then he left to deliver another meal.

Leonardo did not immediately close the door but looked up at the tightly closed door across the hall.

At this time of the day, no one would order meals for him and Rosie except Summer living across the hall.

She was a very considerate and kind-hearted woman.

Leonardo put on a hearty smile.

He and Rosie had had dinner. He was carrying the takeout box and wanted to throw it away.

Summer's smiling face suddenly flashed before his eyes. He withdrew his hand and put the takeout into the refrigerator.

Before he went to bed, he looked closely at Rosie.

"Leonardo, welcome back."

When Leonardo heard the soft female voice with a hint of joy, he looked up and found himself standing in the courtyard of a villa.

The villa was surrounded by lush trees and seemed to be built on a hillside.

The woman who had just called him said, "What are you looking at? Come in and dine."

He looked up and saw a slender woman walking towards him.

The woman was wearing a white shirt and walked with light footsteps. She looked very young.

She walked closer and closer, and Leonardo finally saw her face clearly.

Leonardo muttered, "Summer?"

"I made delicacies soup and braised beef. Since you've been too busy lately, you need to have light dishes and I only put a little chili powder."

Summer walked over and grabbed his arm, smiling at him. They were very close.

Suddenly, the scene changed.

He was no longer in the courtyard, and Summer had disappeared.

He looked around and found he was in a bedroom.

The sound of water came from the bathroom.

But soon, it stopped.

Summer wrapped in a bath towel walked out of the bathroom. Her fair face was slightly red from the hot water, and even her naked shoulders and arms were shimmering peach blush.

Summer seemed to sense Leonardo's gaze and shyly reached out to cover her naked skin, "I forgot to bring my pajamas in."

Leonardo couldn't help walking towards her. He said in a deep and hoarse voice, "There's no need to wear them. I'll take them off anyway."

Afterwards, he threw Summer onto the bed.

Although Summer was shy, she did not resist.

He pulled off her towel and pressed himself up against Summer.copy right hot novel pub