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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 381Apparent Hostility

Leonardo was a little thirsty. He took over the glass and took a sip.

When he looked up again, he saw Summer's hesitant face. He lowered his eyes and looked at the glass. He took a deep breath, and then asked Rosie, "Where do you get the water?"

Rosie pointed to the bathroom with an innocent face. "From there. There's plenty of water. Do you want more, Dad?"

Rosie was treated like a princess at home. The maids took good care of her. How could she tell which water was drinkable and which wasn't?

Leonardo pursed his lips tightly and said with a serious look, "Don't get drinking water from there again!"

Rosie pouted and said, "Why? Pretty sister said it tasted good."

Summer recalled that Rosie had used the same glass to draw drinking water for her....

Wasn't it….an indirect kiss between her and Leonardo?

She didn't know if Leonardo was thinking of the same thing, but he gave her a thoughtful look.

Summer turned her head in a hurry. "My fiancé should be back soon. I'll go wait for him."

Then she walked out in a rush.

She didn't know that as she spoke, Leonardo's gaze was fixed on her lips.

When Summer walked out of Leonardo's apartment, she leaned against the wall, raising her head, and let out a long sigh of relief.

Why was she so nervous in front of Leonardo?

They did nothing but drinking from the same glass.

Why did she feel as if her heart was about to bump out of her throat?

She never felt the same way when she got along with Stanley every day.

Moreover, with such a cold personality and an illegitimate daughter, how could Leonardo be better than Stanley?

After a while, when Summer calmed down, she saw Stanley walking out of the elevator.

When Stanley saw her, he strode over with a concerned look and asked, "Where did you go? I came home and saw your phone and keys, so I went to the convenience store to ask if they had seen you."

Both Stanley and Summer were outstanding in appearance. As they walked in and out of the condo together, the owner of the convenience store at the entrance of the condo recognized them.

Summer recalled the glass of water and felt a little guilty. She looked away. "I forgot to bring the keys. I was at a neighbor's just now."

Stanley smiled. "So careless? It seems like you can't do it without me."

The door beside them opened.

Summer and Stanley turned and saw Leonardo standing at the entrance in black pajamas.

Stanley stopped reaching out for Summer's hand.copy right hot novel pub