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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 380 Go to My House

Rosie shook off Leonardo's hand and ran towards Summer.

She ran over and hugged Summer's legs, looking up at her, "You're here too."

"Yes, I live in the opposite room." As Summer spoke, she squatted down and picked Rosie up, pointing at the door behind her.

She had only had the meal ready for a short time, waiting for Stanley to come back. But Stanley had not come back yet. So, she intended to go to the convenience store to buy something first.

Unexpectedly, the moment she opened the door, she saw Leonardo and the others.

Leonardo took a glance towards Summer's back.

She had not closed the door when she came out. He could see the cozy interior of the room and smell the aroma of meal through the half-opened door.

Leonardo was unconsciously upset as he looked at Rosie and warned, "Rosie!"

Rosie carefully glanced at Leonardo and slid down from Summer's body with reluctance, dawdling to Leonardo.

She walked over and grabbed Leonardo's finger with a fawning expression.

Leonardo's hand was too big. So, she could only grab one of his fingers.

She was close to Leonardo and sensed that Leonardo was angry.

Although Rosie did not understand why her father was angry, she knew she should be well-behaved at this time.

Leonardo never spanked her. But it was scary when he got angry.

Seeing Rosie's expression, Summer felt a little distressed and thought Leonardo was too mean to Rosie.

Rosie was so young and Leonardo could not always treat her like this. He should guide her properly.

However, Summer was not familiar with Leonardo. So, she could only bite back the words she would like to say.

Leonardo glanced at Summer expressionlessly. Then, he turned around with Rosie and said to Tim, "Open the door."

After Tim opened the door, Leonardo and Rosie went in first. Tim walked at the end and nodded to Summer.

Summer remembered he was the man who spoke to her during the day. She couldn't help saying, "It's you. So, you asked about the house for Mr. Emerson?"

"Yes." Tim looked down and respectfully handed out a business card, "Hello, I'm Tim."

Summer took the business card and politely looked at it for a few seconds before putting it away, "Hello, I am Summer."

Tim's eyes flashed and he said, "Then, Ms. Summer and Mr. Emerson will be neighbors in the future. Please help him when necessary."

Summer was surprised, "Mr. Tim is quite welcome.copy right hot novel pub