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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 354 Which One Is Your Daughter?

When Summer first learned that Leonardo had arranged a woman to have plastic surgery to be Rachel, Summer questioned and was shocked.

Later, when Summer knew that Rachel was voluntary, Summer's thoughts became somewhat complicated.

It was like using Rachel to exchange for her own daughter.

All lives were equal, but people were selfish.

Noticing that Summer hadn't spoken for a long time, Rachel smiled and comforted her, "Mrs. Emerson, you don't owe me anything. I am willing to do this. This makes me feel that my existence is valuable. If it weren't for Mr. Emerson, I would have died long ago."

Although Summer had been living a difficult life since she was young, she felt that her experience was not as bad as Leonardo's.

She looked down and pondered for a moment. "Thank you."

After thinking for a while, she reminded Rachel, "Adams is very cunning. Be careful."

When the plane landed on the island in the early morning, it was the fourth day after their appointment with Adams.

When Summer and Leonardo arrived, Adams hadn't arrived yet.

Leonardo's men searched the island thoroughly. Apart from a few servants who were house-sitting, there was nobody.

Summer looked at the blue sea and asked Leonardo uneasily, "Will he change his mind and not come?"

Leonardo's eyes were filled with confidence. "No. I know him well."

Since they had been friends for so many years, they had some similarities.

The similarity between Leonardo and Adams was in the persistence of certain people and things.

Rachel was an absolutely special to Adams.

Adams felt that Vicky looked like Rachel, so he stayed with Vicky and connived at what Vicky did.

Adams could even accept Vicky, not to mention a perfect replica that Leonardo had prepared for him.

Adams would definitely come.

Summer and Leonardo waited anxiously for Adams.

They waited from sunrise to sunset, and Adams finally came at night.

Adams came here by boat and brought quite a few people.

Leonardo and Adams confronted in the villa lobby.

The island was bought by Adams and he had built an apron and luxurious villas.

Adams’ men lined up on both sides to clear a path.

Adams slowly walked out and looked at Leonardo. His voice was as gentle as before. "The boat is a little slow. I've kept you waiting, Leonardo."

"Where's my child?" Leonardo became serious.

Adams clapped his hands.copy right hot novel pub