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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 353 Feel Uneasy

Leonardo said indifferently, "Yes. They only ask for 50 million in cash. Back then, they even asked for 100 million."

Michael was so frightened that he mumbled, "That's it. That's it.... They only ask for 50 million in cash. Give it to them...."

Leonardo was Michael's last straw, so Michael could only grasp at Leonardo tightly.

"Then why didn't you give them 100 million?" Leonardo said in a sinister voice and was like a devil crawling out of hell.

"Leonardo ... Leonardo, I am your father. Help me...." Michael's only thought was to ask Leonardo for help.

"If you had cared about your wife, she would not have ended up like that! Michael, this is your retribution!"

Leonardo said every word angrily and hung up the phone with a loud sound.

It was dusk.

The servants were all kicked out, and the hall was dim with no lights on.

In the large living room, apart from Leonardo and Tim standing behind Leonardo, there was only Kate who had fainted.

Leonardo maintained his posture and sat there motionlessly as if he would merge with the coming night.

After a long time, Tim said worriedly, "Mr. Emerson."

Summer had gone downstairs softly.

She walked over softly and Tim covered the arm that the kidnappers had sent over. "Mrs. Emerson."

Summer ordered, "Help Miss Kate to her room. Let me hold down the fort here."

Tim took Kate and the broken arm away.

Summer sat down beside Leonardo.

It was getting darker. In the room with no lights on, she couldn't see Leonardo's face clearly.

Summer reached out to cup his face in her hands, turned his face, and looked at him. "Leonardo.copy right hot novel pub