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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 355 Something Strange About the Island

Adams’s obsession with Rachel was indeed very deep.

Adams was extremely cunning. How could he not know this Rachel was a fake?

Even if he knew that Rachel was a fake, Adams would still treat her like the real one.

Thinking about this, Summer felt a little relieved.

But she still stayed up for the whole night.

The next day.

Adams sent someone over to invite Leonardo to play golf.

The island was equipped with golf courses.

When Summer and Leonardo went over, Adams was playing golf under the sun, wearing a baseball cap.

Hearing the sound behind him, he waved to Leonardo.

Summer also wanted to go with Leonardo, but he stopped her, "Wait for me here."

After he finished speaking, he looked at Tim.

Tim nodded at Leonardo.

He had been Leonardo's assistant for many years, so he understood immediately.

Summer watched Leonardo and Adams from afar as they played golf quietly. There seemed to be no communication between them at all.

Seeing that the two of them gradually moved further away from her, Summer anxiously walked back and forth on the spot.

"Mrs. Emerson, you don't have to worry too much. Mr. Emerson already has everything planned," Tim suddenly said.

Summer was surprised, "What plan?"

Tim cautiously looked in Adams’s direction, then looked at the watch on his wrist. And then he told Summer to leave with him quietly.

As Summer walked, she asked Tim, "What is Leonardo's plan?"

Tim whispered, "Adams came here by boat. Last night, we sent people to find out the situation on the boat. This is the closest way to the boat. We can get onto the boat directly later."

"What do you mean? Did Leonardo send someone to steal the child from Adams’ villa?" After Summer finished speaking, she carefully looked around.

Before Tim could explain to her, Summer saw two familiar-looking bodyguards walking over with two children in their arms.

The way they held the children was not very correct. One of the children was crying loudly, while the other opened his eyes curiously and stayed quiet.

Summer walked over and stretched out her trembling hands. She felt bitter and happy at the same time. She didn't know which child to pick up for a while, and tears kept falling down.

Rosie was taken away from her when she was born. So Summer wasn't accustomed to carrying the child, but her posture was much better than the two bodyguards.

She picked up the child who didn't cry, and her tears surged.

The child was nearly three months old and she already turned very beautiful.copy right hot novel pub