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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 276 Mr. Emerson is Weird

Tim couldn't believe what he had heard.

Even though Leonardo had repeated it twice, Tim still thought that he heard it wrong.

"Mr. Emerson..."

Tim wanted to ask again. But Leonardo just raised his hand to tell him to shut up.

Tim was stunned for a moment before leaving.

Since Jessica had left angrily, Carl returned to Leonardo's office. Then he saw Tim coming out of the office.

He quickened his pace and walked close to Tim. "What's going on? Did you find Summer?"

Tim frowned and nodded, "Yeah."

Seeing that Tim was frowning and looked worried, Carl was confused and asked, "So, Leonardo didn't want you to bring her back? Did he want to do it himself?"

Tim shook his head. "No. Mr. Emerson..."

After a pause, Tim thought of a word to describe Leonardo.

"I think Mr. Emerson is a little weird."

"What?" The corners of Carl's mouth twitched.

"Mr. Emerson doesn't want us to bring Mrs. Emerson back, nor does he want to pick her up himself. He only asked us not to disturb her."

Carl had the same reaction as Tim had at that time.

He was also shocked for a moment. Then he asked, "What happened to him?"

Tim shook his head blankly.

After following Leonardo for so many years, Tim could usually see through some of Leonardo's thoughts.

However, this time, Tim did not have a clue at all. He felt that he could no longer guess what Leonardo was thinking.

Carl was thinking the same.

Although Summer moved out of the hotel, she did not let down her guard.

She stayed at the guest house at night. During the day, she disguised herself and sneaked into a coffee shop across the street. She always sat by the window in the afternoon with a glass of juice.

Summer only had one goal. She wanted to see when Leonardo's men would find her hotel.copy right hot novel pub