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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 277 Photos

Summer moved the mouse and flipped through the news.

Nowadays, media liked to use sensational headlines to attract people's attention. And the contents were similar.

Leonardo often appeared in business news.

Sometimes, there were some gossips about him. But none of them were proved real.

Leonardo was handsome and powerful. Moreover, the Emersons were all powerful people. So, he easily attracted the attention of the public.

In the past, when people thought of him, they would describe him as "ugly and impotent".

Now, his labels had changed when Summer searched him online.

Now they said Leonardo was a billionaire upstart in the business world.

The one and only successor of the powerful Emersons.

Ordinary people would look up to any one of those labels.

Summer was one of them.

When they lived together, Summer didn't feel so. But they had been apart for a long time, Summer began to feel that she was out of his league.

Sometimes, Summer recalled the days when she was with Leonardo and felt it was like a dream.

Suddenly, she felt the baby in her belly kicking her.

Summer looked down and patted on it to comfort the baby. She whispered, "Honey, he is your father. He is very handsome, but he's a little short-tempered."

Then she stopped.

Summer pursed her lips, stood up and turned off her computer. She was going to the kitchen to cook something for herself.

When she opened the refrigerator, she found it was quite empty.

Her belly grew and she wanted to finish revising the script with Eliza as soon as possible. So, she hadn't been out lately.

Now she could only eat out.

Summer went back to her room and got changed. Then, she took her wallet and went out.

It was mild in Sydney's April, neither cold nor hot.

When Summer went out, she found that the door of the next house was open. There were a few cars at the door.

She had lived here for months and had never seen her neighbor.

When she passed by, she was so curious that she couldn't help but look inside.

A few boys were walking out. They were about sixteen or seventeen years old. Some were black, and the others were white.copy right hot novel pub