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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 275 Don't Disturb Her

After Jessica blurted out, she realized what she had said.

Jessica was a bit short-tempered. No matter how angry Carl was, he would not do anything to her. However, Leonardo was not the same.

Leonardo did not have any pity on her.

Jessica gritted her teeth and regretted saying that without thinking twice.

The next moment she heard Leonardo's frightening and gloomy voice. "Say it again."

Of course, Jessica didn't dare to say it again.

She was afraid that Leonardo would throw her out after she said that.

Then the door of Leonardo's office was burst open.

Jessica turned around and saw Carl all sweaty.

He seemed to come in a hurry. His hair was in a mess. He was tired and out of breath.

When he saw Jessica, he strode over and pulled her behind him. He said angrily, "Leonardo, I know you're anxious because Summer is missing. You can talk to me. But why are you looking for Jessica?"

Carl knew well about Leonardo.

After Summer left, Leonardo would explode at any time. He wouldn't be easy on anyone who provoked him.

Jessica had a good relationship with Summer, so she thought about Summer and spoke for her. And she was straightforward. She would definitely get Leonardo angry.

If Carl hadn't known that Leonardo asked Jessica over, Jessica would be truly screwed without him around.

Leonardo was expressionless, staring at Carl for a while. And it scared Carl. Then Leonardo looked down and said indifferently, "Just ask her something about Summer."

Leonardo did not seem to be very angry, so Carl turned braver. "Summer is your wife, not Jessica's wife. Why do you ask others about her?"

Carl's words made sense.

And it shocked Leonardo.

It was true that he didn't know much about Summer.

He had asked others to investigate Summer at the beginning, so he knew about her family and that she wanted to be a scriptwriter. But he didn't know anything else.

After a while, Leonardo said in a low voice, "You guys can go out."

His voice was not loud, nor did he sound emotional. But for no reason, no one dared to say no.copy right hot novel pub