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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 27 Follow Him

Karen stood up and said, "I’ll ask the servant to prepare the dinner."

Vicky didn’t look at her, and Lynn just nodded at her.

Karen was a little embarrassed, but she didn’t say much more.

As she passed by Summer, she stopped and whispered seriously, "Come out!"

Lynn and Vicky had already sat together and now they were chatting in a whisper.

Summer just glanced at them and followed Karen to leave the study.

Karen took Summer into her former bedroom. As soon as she closed the door, Karen looked at her solemnly, "Did you ask someone to take the video?"

Summer was stunned. She didn’t expect that Lynn believed her while Karen didn’t believe her.

In her impression, Karen was a weak and indecisive woman who completely depended on Lynn and pinned all her hopes on Lynn.

"It was not me..." Summer shook her head like a drum-shaped rattle, her eyes clear and bright.

Indeed, Karen was a woman who didn’t have her own judgement. But she was Summer’s mother who could felt that this thing was not simple.

Karen frowned and said in a serious tone, "Your father and sister trust you very much. Don’t cheat them."

When Karen was young, her family was poor. But Karen was beautiful and considerate, so Lynn married her.

Summer didn’t know anything when she was a child. But when she grew up, she realized that Lynn married Karen because he wanted a woman to take good care of his two children left by his deceased wife.

Actually, Karen was just a babysitter who warmed the bed at the same time.

She didn’t know what kind of charm Lynn had that made Karen so committed.

"I’m a little hungry." Summer lowered her head. If she looked at Karen more, she was not sure what she would say.

After Karen forced her to marry into the Emerson family, she could not stand Karen any more.

When Karen saw her like this, she felt that she had gone too far.copy right hot novel pub