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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 28 Qualifications to Hook up with Men

After hearing this, Leonardo looked at her and casually said, "Pick up you and go back home."

Summer pursed her lips and whispered, "Don’t do ridiculous things."

"Whatever you think, it won’t affect me." Leonardo grinned as if he didn’t care about what she would think.

In fact, he was not just here to pick up Summer.

He just wanted to see Summer’s families. The scandal online was a little serious. Although it had no effect on him, it was still troublesome.

Summer was not a troublesome wife. But if her family members were too troublesome, he didn’t mind dealing with them himself.

When Summer wanted to continue say something, she saw Karen and Lynn coming down the stairs, followed by Vicky.

Not knowing what they had talked about, they just looked at Summer very unhappily.

"Vicky, come here and greet Mr. Douglas." Lynn finished and looked at Summer again. "Summer, I have something to tell you. Come with me."

Vicky walked to Leonardo and was about to sit down in the place where Summer had sat before. Unexpectedly, Leonardo suddenly shut coldly, "Stay away from me."

Vicky was stunned for a while. She remembered that when she saw this man last time, she invited him into the villa. The man refused her without hesitation.

This man was too cold and indifferent!

She really didn't know what kind of charm Summer had which made "Douglas" willing to pick her up.


Summer followed Lynn to the study.

Lynn asked her gravely, "What's your relationship with Douglas?"

"I have nothing to do with him." Summer shook head innocently.

"Last time you went home, your mother and Vicky saw what you two did in the car!" Lynn slapped the table with anger.

A loud noise made Summer a little scared.

"Now that you have married Leonardo, you just need to be his good wife. Why do you hook up his cousin? "

Summer sneered in her heart.copy right hot novel pub