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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 26 She Was More Obedient Than a Dog

Summer went back to the Jarrett family’s house by car.

The servant saw her and said respectfully, "Lady Summer."

She could understand the change in the servant’s attitude.

After all, Summer was now the Emerson family's daughter-in-law, while Vicky was now involved in the scandal, which was very harmful for Vicky’s reputation.

"Are parents at home?" Summer spoke slowly, with a good temper.

The servant’s attitude was softer, "Yeah, they’re waiting for you in the study."


She stopped at the door of the study and didn't go in because of the study's conversation.

"Vicky, why are you so hasty! If you have something to do, you can ask her to go home and discuss it. Now you've been photographed outside, and it's very difficult to deal with it."

This was Lynn’s voice.

Although his words were to scold Vicky, he didn't think there was anything wrong with Vicky's behavior.

Vicky said bitterly, "I didn't know it would be like this. Daddy, it must have been designed by Summer in advance! Otherwise, how could I have happened to be photographed?"

At this time, Karen was anxious to explain, "Vicky, I know Summer best. She was so stupid that she couldn't even pass the exam when she was a child. How could she do such a thing? She certainly didn't do it."

"Stupid? Without the help of my father, she could be admitted to Hoover Film Academy by herself. Do you still think she is stupid? "

Hoover Film Academy was one of the best art colleges in China.

"She was just lucky. Vicky, don't be angry..."

Summer thought Vicky’s words were right that Karen was really mean.

In that video, Vicky scolded Karen severely. But Karen was not angry with Vicky, and now she even tried so hard to please Vicky for fear that she will be fierce.

Vicky was really angry about this incident. Usually, she just pretended to keep peace with Karen, but now she didn’t want to pretend.

She directly scolded, "Shut up. You are mean and useless, so is your daughter."

Summer was about to push the door and walk in, but she stopped after hearing those words.

She wanted to know Lynn’s attitude.

After a burst of silence, Lynn said in a deep voice, "Don’t quarrel any more. Now, the most urgent thing is to deal with the scandal.copy right hot novel pub