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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 25 Counterattack

Summer received Jessica’s call as soon as she exited the restaurant.

“Quick come over, the red car across the road.” Jessica said and hung up.

Summer looked up and saw the red car across the road. As she looked at it, the car horned twice.

Summer looked around and walked quickly to the car and sat in the front passenger seat.

Jessica started the engine and asked, “How was it? Was it successful?”

Jessica had a short movie that was low key but popular. She could be recognized by anyone and that’s why she waited for her outside.

Summer smiled and said, “Success.”

Vicky had oppressed her for too many years and disregarded her. That was why she should harden herself to do this.

“But the plan may be changed.”


“She wanted me to divorce Leonardo and infuriate the Emersons. She wants their attention to be focused on me and forget that she was the original betrothed. Then she can rightfully be with Jerome.”

Jessica furiously hit the steering wheel when she heard, “Does she have a bottom line!”

“There is no bottom line as long as it is beneficial towards her.” Summer knew Vicky too well.

She originally wanted the paparazzi to send out the video tomorrow morning but from the looks of it, she can add another step.

On the social media, “The ugly will cause trouble” topic was no longer trending. Very soon, the topic of interest was “Divorce, why keep the marriage”

“According to hearsays, Ms. Jarrett’s sister succumbed to pressure and is discussing their divorce…” Though it was a simple topic, the netizens were whipped into a frenzy.

“Pressure? I think her conscience is making her do it!”

“She was after their money. She knew that Leonardo was impotent and she still agreed to the marriage…”

This topic became the top trending topic again and very quickly, it was deleted.

There were a lot of topics being deleted or blocked but Summer knew that this must have been the work of the Emerson family.

After all, a well known and important family like the Emersons will not sit on their hands when their heir was being slandered on the internet.

That night, the paparazzi sent her a video clip with a message, “Next time I’ll not do it again.”

This was someone who had criticized Summer.

She was curious and opened the video.copy right hot novel pub