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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 228: You Can Do Whatever You Want

Summer glanced at the door and saw the two girls cursing at each other across the hospital bed. Their once beautiful faces were now bruised.

Summer didn't expect them to fight so fiercely.

She thought they would pull each other's hair and scratch each other's face at most. But then they started swinging their fists at each other and Summer had to call in the bodyguard to stop them.

Summer was reluctant to go inside and listen to their curses. She turned around and ordered the bodyguard behind her, "Keep an eye on them."

Then, she walked to the chair in the corridor and sat down, waiting for Leonardo.

Soon, a nurse came over and asked respectfully, "Mrs. Emerson, we have a lounge. Do you want to have a rest there?"

"No, thank you." Summer waved her hand.


When Leonardo arrived, Eliza and Alisa's wounds were bandaged.

Although they had fought ruthlessly, they didn't have much strength as women. Besides, they were stopped by the bodyguard. So they only had a few superficial injuries.

However, their bruised faces were horrible.

When Leonardo saw Summer, he hurriedly walked toward her with his black eyes locked on her. His gaze patrolled on her body back and forth a few times before he felt relieved.

He then asked her, "How are they?"

At that moment, Eliza and Alisa were coming out of the ward. Summer looked in their direction and said, "You can check by yourself."

"Leonardo, look how hard she beat me up..."

Leonardo turned around and saw Alisa's bruised and swollen face.

Calm and composed as Leonardo was, he couldn't help but frown. There was a rare hint of uncertainty in his tone. "Alisa?"

"That's right, Leonardo. I'm Alisa." Alisa was excited when she heard Leonardo call her name.

Leonardo quietly took a step back and looked at Eliza who was behind Alisa.

Eliza's condition wasn't any better than Alisa's. When Leonardo looked at her, she covered her face with her hand and turned her head to the side, as if she was embarrassed.copy right hot novel pub