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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 227: Mrs. Emerson Has Gone to the Hospital

Alisa was directly arranged to be a host before, so Eliza did not know her identity very well.

She didn't expect Alisa was an Emerson.

But what if Alisa was an Emerson? Among the Emerson family, everyone was just so-so except Leonard, his father and his grandfather.

Eliza treated Alisa like dirt.

"It is none of my business. But now you're a maid and I instruct you to give me a glass of water." Alisa raised her chin with proud.

Eliza was unpleased and did not move.

After all, she sneaked into the villa in order to get close to Leonardo. She had expected to be instructed by Summer, but she had never thought that she would be instructed by her rival, Alisa.

Seeing that Eliza stood still, Alisa turned to Summer like a spoiled child, "Summer, is she a new maid? She actually refused to give me a glass of water...."

"She is new here." Summer smiled but her eyes were cold, "However, she was sent by grandpa."

Alisa paused. She didn't expect Charlie to be so attentive to Summer. He even sent servants to her.

"But maids still need to do what they should do." Alisa raised her eyebrows and looked at Eliza. A trace of coldness flashing through her eyes.

Eliza knew Alisa was not easy to deal with since they had known each other early.

Seeing Alisa's look strange, Eliza was going to retreat.

However, she was still too late.

Alisa directly gave her a slap.

The sound attracted other maids' attention.

Even Summer couldn't help but look at Alisa in surprise.

Alisa smiled with disdain, "Then I'll teach you how to be a maid."

The competition between two women of similar backgrounds and appearances was fierce.

They were obviously about the same, but they insisted on competing with each other, which was cruel.

"Alisa, how you dare to hit me!" Eliza touched her face and took a deep breath in pain.

Ava came from nowhere and pulled Summer aside, "Mrs. Emerson, be careful."

"It doesn't matter." Summer did not take it seriously.copy right hot novel pub