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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 229: Get Vicky Out

Leonardo was annoyed by her question. He turned around, pinched her chin, and gave her a kiss. "Alright."

Summer was lost for words. She didn't ask him to kiss her!

Leonardo looked at Summer's astonished face with satisfaction. The corners of his lips curled up as he led her forward.

Warren and Tim were waiting for them.

"Mr. Emerson. Mrs. Emerson."


Summer nodded to Tim and greeted Warren. "Mr. Smith."

Warren gave her a relaxed smile and walked to Leonardo's side to tell him about the case.

"Due to the particularity of this case, Vicky can be sentenced to up to three years in prison," Warren said as he looked at Summer.

Summer lowered her head and looked at herself. "What's wrong?"

Before entering the court, Warren took out a piece of gauze from his briefcase and handed it to Leonardo. "Wrap it."

Of course, this was not for Leonardo, but for Summer.

Leonardo frowned. "No need."

Warren shrugged. "I know neither of you was injured. This lawsuit seems easy, but I've worked hard on it. So could you please cooperate?"

Leonardo said coldly, "Boring."

He hadn't thought so much at first. Now he turned to look at Tim. "Tim, accompany Mrs. Emerson back into the car."

"Okay," Tim respectfully replied.

"Then I'll wait for you in the car." Summer understood Leonardo's intention and did not ask any further.

They had prosecuted Vicky for intentional assault. Though Summer could appear in court unharmed, it might cause unnecessary troubles.

Moreover, Warren was rigorous with his work, so he couldn't let Summer appear in court without a single injury.

Summer's best choice was not to enter the court.

But it was not what concerned Leonardo. The Jarretts were also present today. He was worried that the Jarretts would lose control and hurt Summer.

He didn't dare to relax a bit since what Vicky did to Summer last time.copy right hot novel pub