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Me Before You

Chapter 858

A few days later, Anna was discharged from the hospital because of her own repeated demand.

Daniel Taylor tried to keep her there for a few more days, but she felt that she was going to get moldy soon. So, she convinced him to let her escape from the hospital cage.

Daniel Taylor was packing her luggage, Anna walked downstairs and enjoyed the fresh air, as if she hadn’t breathed the air in her lifetime.

When she was waiting for Daniel Taylor at the gate of the hospital, a light laugh reached her air, "Anna, what you’re breathing? In this air, there is just carbon dioxide, and you’re still breathing it so enthusiastically?"

She suddenly turned her head, looked into on a pair of smiling eyes, and immediately got angry, "Henry Michael! Why do you always haunt people like some dead wandering soul?"

Henry Michael looked at way she was trying to stay away from him. He felt speechless and helpless.

He had been waiting for her at her school gate like a fool these days. But she didn’t show up at all. He even sacrificed his looks and seduced one of her classmates. Only then he came to know that she had asked for leave.

Then he kept looking at the hospital for her and finally came across her by chance. But her attitude of avoiding him made Henry Michael feel very discouraged.

Henry Michael looked behind her, and then asked in a deep voice, "what a pity, nobody came to pick you up at the hospital? But never mind, I have a kind heart. I will send you home, ok?"

After that, he walked to his car but saw Anna standing there still. He cried impatiently, "Hey, why are you still in a daze? Get in the car. Do you know how many women want to sit in my car..."

"I know there are many." Anna interrupted him and said, "Keep your car for those women who love you. I don’t want to suffer the consequence of something that I didn’t do."

She said so and walked towards the exit without looking back.

However, her ponytail was seized by someone. She turned her head angrily and saw that her ponytail was in Henry Michael’s hand. She immediately roared at him in anger, "Henry! Let me go! Do you hear me?"

Henry Michael played with her hair and said with a triumphant smile, "what? Do you dare to argue with me now? You are really ungrateful. Get in the car quickly, or..."

Suddenly, a pair of big hands held Henry Michael’s shoulder. He pinched his shoulder, and the pain let him frown.

Henry Michael and Daniel Taylor glared at each other, and they heard Anna exclaiming in surprise, "Sir! Help me!"

Henry Michael felt a pain in his shoulder blade. He unconsciously loosened Anna’s ponytail and Anna successfully escaped from his clutches.

Anna rushed to Daniel Taylor’s arms and complained wrongly, "Sir, he pulled my hair!"

Daniel Taylor coldly looked at Henry Michael in front of him. His eye had a trace of defense.copy right hot novel pub