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Me Before You

Chapter 857

Daniel Taylor felt speechless, sat on the side of the bed, listening to his sister’s ridicule and frowned from time to time. While his little wife was sitting in the bed, listening to everything with great relish. He was speechless and looked at her with a serious face to threaten her.

But he heard his wife making complaints to his sister.

"Sister! He glared at me." Anna pointed to him and complained to Olivia Taylor innocently.

Daniel Taylor immediately opened his eyes widely, but before he could react, he got a blow on his arm.

He raised his head in bewilderment, and saw his sister protecting Anna and saying in a deep voice, "Anna is still unwell. Being her husband, you don’t even know how to love her, but you still stare at her? Really, you owe a lesson!"

He looked at his elder sister who was protecting Anna, like Anna was a little calf and called out indignantly, "sister, you..."

Olivia Taylor didn’t look at him. She pointed to the kettle beside him and said, "I’m thirsty. Go and pour me a cup of water! And Anna also wants to drink warm water!"

Daniel Taylor clearly saw his little wife hiding behind his sister, and enjoying the scene, but without waiting for him to make a counterattack, Anna picked up a water cup in her hand!

He had to walk out of the ward.

Anna saw him going out like this, felt a little uneasy, and then whispered to Olivia Taylor, "sister, will he be angry if we do this?"

Olivia Taylor patted her hand, shook her head with a smile and said, "he won’t! Daniel always has a good temper. Except for those years… But now it’s all over. Besides, you still have two strong backing as mom and me. Don’t be afraid! Your sister is covering you."

Anna listened to elder sister saying so, like some underworld criminal, she can’t help but look at her, and said in a coquettish way, "Elder sister, you are very good! I’m really happy to meet a good family like you."

Olivia Taylor saw Anna thanking her like this, remembered the time she just got married to Daniel, couldn’t help sighing, then stroked her hair and said, "we should thank you. You helped Daniel recover, helped him regain his confidence. In the year when he had an accident, none of us could get close to him, because he always throws things when he sees people..."

Anna listened to sister’s narration, also remembered his gloomy side when she first met him. Indeed, he was quite different from the present situation.

When the two women were remembering the past, Daniel Taylor came in with a kettle, saw Anna’s emotional appearance, and then saw Olivia Taylor wiping her tears.

In a hurry, he walked over and asked, "what’s the matter? It’s all right just now. What happened?"

Olivia Taylor and Anna looked at each other with a smile. Then Olivia Taylor stood up, walked forward and said, "since Daniel is back, I won’t disturb you.copy right hot novel pub