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Me Before You

Chapter 859

The next day, Anna went to school.

Daniel Taylor personally dropped her to school. He stared at her figure that was full of vitality, walking toward the school, and his eyes were full of tenderness.

Jack Smith beside him also gave a sigh of emotion, "it’s nice to be young."

But no one expected that just a word would make the smile on Daniel Taylor’s face freeze, and then he heard him saying in a cold voice, "drive!"

Jack Smith was stunned. He saw the serious and angry face of Mr. Taylor. He was puzzled and said to himself, "I don’t seem to have said anything to offend him."

He had just said "it’s nice to be young", but it caused President Taylor’s dissatisfaction. He felt very helpless, shook his head and didn’t say anything again.

Daniel Taylor in the back seat pretended to look down at the document, but there were many thoughts surging in his mind.

He was much older than Anna, which has always been a thorn in his heart! Especially now, when Anna was becoming more excellent and more beautiful. His insecurity has increased. That’s why just a word from Jack Smith’s mouth broke all the psychological preparation he had done for many days.

"Anna is still young. The bright future is waving to her. If I think about it carefully, I am only a trading partner in her most difficult time."

"Now she has enough ability to support her own future, then what is my role in Anna’s life?"

With this thought, Daniel Taylor shook his head dejectedly. "Yes, I can’t give her anything useful."

The car reached at the company but Daniel Taylor was still absent-minded. Even when he held a meeting, all his thoughts were wandering on Anna.


Anna walked into the campus and saw the students pointing at herself. It was very incomprehensible. However, from a distance, she saw Alan Kevin and Vanessa Cameron. She smiled and called them, "good morning!"

Alan Kevin saw her and immediately with a discontented face shouted at her, "Anna! I called you all afternoon yesterday but you didn’t answer it.copy right hot novel pub