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Me Before You

Chapter 774

Daniel Taylor looked at her and couldn't help laughing, "Who told you not to talk to me?"

"So you did it on purpose." Anna frowned, "I think you are really bad, the old you never bullied me like this. Are you not in love with me?"

Her last sentence made Daniel Taylor feel inexplicable, whether he loves her or not, don’t she know?

How could he not love her?

Anna said, "Did you see that Claire Ashley is beautiful and falls in love with her?"

"..." All of a sudden, Daniel Taylor was a little confused.

He looked at his stupid wife with disgust, "what are you thinking?"

So these days, because of this, she has been indifferent to him?

How can she think like this?

Anna drooped her eyes. "You know how much I dislike her, and you made secrets with her. I'm so sad."

He has been so good to her and that’s why she did not get angry with him easily. But that didn't mean she won't feel aggrieved...

Daniel Taylor took her hand and put it on her chest, "what secret can I have with her? There is nothing. Here, in my heart, you are the only one."

His palm was very hot, and his chest was also hot, Anna looked at his extremely gentle appearance. She can't resist, and smiled, "OK, I won't ask."

Anna was not used to his this much gentle appearance. She felt that she can’t be determined. Every time, even when Daniel Taylor coaxed her casually, her anger disappeared.


The next afternoon, Anna went to Shanghai with Daniel Taylor.

Anna came here for the first time, but after arriving, she found that there were many acquaintances here.

Robert Peter and Eliza were also there. They had dinner together in the evening.

Eliza recently followed Robert Peter and was spoiled like a little princess.copy right hot novel pub