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Me Before You

Chapter 773

He was also worried that she would be angry with him because of Claire Ashley's matter and would not even go to Shanghai.

Anna felt strange after hearing this and looked at him, "when did I say that I won’t go with you?"

Daniel Taylor paused for a moment, so... he just overthink?

Is she still going with him?

A big stone on his heart immediately fell to the ground.

He relaxed and said with a smile, "I thought you were angry with me because of Claire Ashley and won't go to Shanghai with me."

His smile was so good that Anna almost fascinated. She curled her lips and looked away. She just did not dare to look at his face more, "in your eyes, am I such a wayward person?"

She was a person of principle. Since she had promised something, there won’t be any reason to step back.

She was a bit unhappy because of Claire Ashley’s matter, but because of this she can’t step back to her promised things, right?

Daniel Taylor said with a smile, "you didn't talk to me yesterday, and you have been working today. I thought… My baby doesn't want to talk to me anymore."

From the way he explained, Anna heard his worry.

For an excellent man as him, there will be times when he is guilty and afraid?

Anna's tone softened unconsciously and she explained to him, "No, I'll go with you. You know I have to go for at least half a month. So, I wanted to deal with some things before I leave."

Speaking of this, Anna was a little unhappy and complained, "Why do you come to my company today? Do you know because of you I haven't finished my work yet?"

He just increased her workload.

Daniel Taylor raised his eyebrows, "I thought you were angry."

So, of course, he went there to coax his wife!

"You just thought that I was angry and came to my workplace to make trouble for me, right?" Anna glared at him and bit him discontentedly.

Daniel Taylor laughed, "I am relieved to hear that you aren’t angry. I am still thinking, if you are angry, how I should coax you.copy right hot novel pub