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Me Before You

Chapter 772

"Didn't you see the news?" Anna looked at this girl. Normally all people in their circle know such news!

Anna also admired this girl's initiative to chase Daniel Taylor.

The girl said, "Yes, I thought the news was all nonsense. Mr. Taylor, are you really married?"

She looked at Daniel Taylor and found that Daniel Taylor's eyes were staring at Anna. Under normal circumstances, a man should be unhappy if he was interrupted like this. Right?

But in his eyes, the girl saw some surprise!

Daniel Taylor's eyes had a bit of surprise and smile, and he has been looking at Anna, Anna looked at him, and suddenly she had a feeling of being caught. She quickly moved her eyes.

My god! What am I doing?

She couldn't bear seeing him talking to that girl. He's not a kid. She shouldn't care about his affairs at all.

Anna felt that what who had just said all that must not be herself. She must have been possessed by someone.

Daniel Taylor looked at the girl and said, "Yes, I don't have a girlfriend, but I have a wife."


After dinner, everyone left.

Anna followed Daniel Taylor back to Jiangfu garden. She opened the door of her bedroom, went in and put down her backpack. Daniel Taylor entered the room and looked at Anna, who didn’t talk to him.

He wanted to take the initiative to talk to her. However, even after thinking for a long time, he did not open his mouth.

Anna sat down and remembered that she had not finished her work. Only this thought was enough to let her have a headache.

Daniel Taylor suddenly called her, "Anna.copy right hot novel pub