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Me Before You

Chapter 771

"..." Random inspection of a ghost! Ok! I believe in your lies!

However, with Daniel Taylor's identity, Anna couldn’t dare to embarrass him in front of everyone. She led him to the conference room and let him sit down.

The receptionist poured water for Daniel Taylor. Anna talked to Daniel Taylor for a while and went back to the office to talk about work with Carla.

Carla looked at Anna, "Mam, we left the big boss there alone, isn’t it inappropriate?"

Anna, "…"

Daniel Taylor came to pick Anna. According to Anna, she should finish her work first and then she will go to him. Shouldn’t it be ok?

The main point was that she has to leave tomorrow and she just realized that she has a lot of things to wind up. She didn't think much about it, and said to Carla, "Continue your work!"

Carla answered, "Ok."

It turned out that even at off time, Anna's work was still unfinished.

On the other side, Ryan Asher and Daniel Taylor talked for a long time, and made a decision that surprised Anna – the company arranged a dinner for everyone, and invited Daniel Taylor especially.

In fact, this wasn’t a big deal. It is normal for staff members to invite a boss for dinner who comes to the company for random inspection.

It's just…

Anna didn’t expect it. She couldn’t think why he came here and what he was up to.

She didn't finish her work yet, and she didn’t want to leave it unfinished but she had to put down her work for the time being and join them.


During the meal, Anna was very quiet and Ryan Asher was in charge of the overall situation.

Ryan Asher had to do somethings beyond his ability.copy right hot novel pub