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Me Before You

Chapter 732

Daniel Taylor looked at her worried look, "don't worry, what does elder sister doesn't know about you and John?"

All of them knew everything. It's just that they didn’t mention.

In their eyes, Anna's previous relationship with John Peter was a children’s matter, just like a childish game and it didn’t worth their attention. Moreover, because of him, his family had to take it this way.

Anna looked at Daniel Taylor and found that in his eyes, hers and John Peter's matter didn’t seem worth mentioning.

By the time she came out of the bath, the maid had already brought up the dinner. Anna has just been discharged from the hospital and the food they prepared was very light.

Ryan Asher had sent her some information from the film company. She studied it for a while before going to bed.

Daniel Taylor didn't sleep and waited for her to finish her work. When she came to the bed, he hugged her and asked in a hoarse voice, "are you finished?"

"Well." Anna knew what he was waiting for and kissed him on the face.

Anna rarely took the initiative to wriggle like this, Daniel Taylor kissed her intimately for a while and looked at the cute girl, who was lying on his own body, "today you lead."

"..." His words reminded Anna of the time when his legs weren’t fine.

She coughed, "I want to turn off the light."

It was embarrassing to be watched by him.

Daniel Taylor looked at his shy wife, "but I want to look at you.copy right hot novel pub