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Me Before You

Chapter 733

Olivia Taylor smiled and said, "Exercise is a good thing. Try to exercise more when you have time."

Anna was so embarrassed to hear this. Because she didn't want to come!

Isn't the computer game fun?

Isn't the TV program great?

She had to work hard and study every day, she felt very tired. She didn't want to come to the gym. But Daniel Taylor had forced her to come.

However, because of John Peter's matter, she was guilty and agreed to come here. So, you can say that she came here as a punishment.

After running out, she and Olivia Taylor went to take a shower, then changed their clothes and came out of the gym.

Olivia Taylor came here in her car. So after coming out, she took Anna to dinner.

Olivia Taylor looked at Anna and said, "I think you should take a driving test. If you have a driving license, it will be more convenient for you to go out later. I heard that you goes to school by subway, right?"

"Yes," Anna said. It was difficult for her to get a driving license. She has never driven a car and never thought about it.

Olivia Taylor said with a smile, "you can learn it when you have time. Even if you don't plan to drive a car in the future, it’s a good thing to have more skills."

"I will think about it."

They found a barbecue shop in the food street.

Recently, Anna’s diet was controlled by Daniel Taylor. She can’t eat much at home.copy right hot novel pub