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Me Before You

Chapter 731

Daniel Taylor carried her in his arms and came out of the study. He felt that in some days she had lost a lot of weight.

Jack Smith was standing outside the door in worry. He was imagining the scene inside, he was really afraid. He thought that they would fight with each other.

To his surprise, he saw Daniel Taylor carrying Anna in his arms and coming out.

What kind of overpowering drug this girl gave to Mr. Taylor?

Anna's slender arm hugged Daniel Taylor. Daniel Taylor was so tall that he can easily hold her up. They were talking to each other and went to the bedroom.

Anna was put on the bed by Daniel Taylor. She saw him standing by the bed and untying his tie. She protested, "Didn’t you take me to dinner?"

She was hungry. She wanted to eat something, not to eat him!

Why did he bring her into the bedroom?

Daniel Taylor looked at her seriously, threw the tie aside, unbuttoned his shirt one by one, "I will feed you first until you are satisfied, and then we go down to eat."

Anna's face suddenly changed its color.

Isn’t this too much?

Daniel Taylor leaned down and hugged her in his arms, "too happy to speak?"


My goodness, yes! She is too happy to speak!

He stretched out his long fingers, untied her clothes, and Anna swallowed her saliva nervously, "you don't really want that, do you? Can I have something to eat first?"

I'm really hungry!

Daniel Taylor smiled, probably because he was angry, so she reluctantly endured. He looked at her like this, enjoyed it, and said softly, "I’ll take you to the bath first."

He wanted to do it straight to her, but after looking at her pitiful appearance, he couldn't.

"Can’t I take a bath after dinner?" she really wanted to eat first.

"You will be more comfortable after taking a bath, and the food will be ready when we are back." Daniel Taylor said.

Anna sat in the bathtub and took a bath.copy right hot novel pub