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Me Before You

Chapter 665

"It’s very kind of you." She’s an old woman. Why she came to see her?

Some days ago, Isabella Brown came back from Japan. She was feeling very pessimistic and finally adjusted her mood.

Anna succeeded in seducing Daniel Taylor. She had no choice but to make up her mind to use Anna’s mother. She had heard before about Anna’s mother’s greedy nature. So, it was a very good chance for her.

She smiled at Anna’s mother and said, "Mrs. Stark, Anna and I are good friends. You are sick, of course, I was worried."

Speaking of this, Isabella Brown looked at the ward which was not very good, and said in an unbelievable tone, "how can Anna let you live in such a common ward? This ward is small, and the conditions are not very good. She is too frugal."

Anna’s mother didn’t think there was anything wrong with the ward. She usually didn’t like coming to the hospital. She always considered it a waste of money. She wouldn’t want to spend the money this time if there was any other option than to be hospitalized.

Moreover, in her opinion, this ward was already very good.

She said to Isabella Brown, "it’s ok. I think it’s very good."

Isabella Brown said with a smile, "Mrs, you’re too frugal. Anna and I are very good friends.copy right hot novel pub