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Me Before You

Chapter 664

Anna almost laughed, "It’s my aunt’s call. She asked me to let you help my uncle find a job."

They were relatives and when they saw Anna’s aunt being helped, they also wanted to try their luck.

Anna thought it was funny.

Do they think Daniel Taylor is a philanthropist, really?

Everyone wanted to come in to join the party.

Daniel Taylor smiled and didn’t feel unhappy. Of course, he would not agree to such a thing.

Some people really need help, while others just want to take advantage.


After breakfast, Anna went to the hospital. Her mother sat on the bed and looked at Anna. "I heard that Daniel Taylor hired a doctor for your uncle and arranged jobs for your cousin?"

"..." Anna put the food on the table and didn’t reply.

Her mother was somewhat displeased, she said, "Why does he do all this for your aunt? I didn’t see him doing this much good to me. I’m your mother."

Anna said, "We are divorced. It’s his freedom to help anyone he wants to help. What does it have to do with me?"

This was the reason that Anna didn’t want her family to know that she and Daniel Taylor weren’t divorced.

It was too annoying!

She didn’t know why her mother was like this! She had enough food to eat, but she still wanted to take advantage of others.copy right hot novel pub